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Parent & Student Reviews

"Classes are fun and the children have a fantastic time.

I can always hear laughter" (Esteem parent)

"I have developed in confidence and I can finally use my  skills to help me

in my daily life" (Esteem student)


"It is hard to put into words just how much Esteem has done for my child. My daughters

confidence was at its lowest ever and Stacey has become her rock. We are so grateful to her

for pulling our daughter out of her dark times and bringing back the girl we knew.

We just wish we had found ETA sooner!" (Esteem parent)


"Esteem Theatre Academy gave me so much more than just training. They gave me opportunities.

I was able to learn how to choreograph routines and teach them to some of the younger students.

I was also given the help and support when it came to applying for Drama schools and I was 

successfully offered a place at a leading school of performing arts" (Esteem student)



My daughter has come on in confidence so much. As a result of this

she is performing better at school. I cannot thank Esteem enough for

all their continued support and develop they give her" (Esteem parent)

Esteem is so friendly. Its my second family. I love going to my weekly classes.

When I started I was so nervous but now I cannot wait to see everyone" (Esteem student)

Esteem has taught me how to challenge myself and how to face my fears.

I have found a new passion for singing" (Esteem student)

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