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We offer students access to some of the world’s best known performing arts examining boards. For a supplementary cost, students who are interested in gaining qualifications related to the performing arts will be supported and encouraged.
We work closely with the following renowned arts, music and drama schools.

At LAMDA, they believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the value to society of creativity, innovation and authentic, confident communication. As a world-leading conservatoire and globally recognised awarding body, they offer exceptional training to creative artists and technicians; and empower people of all ages and backgrounds through their examinations in drama, literature, musical theatre and poetry.

ACTINGLearners delve into characterisation and strong speaking skills.

DEVISING DRAMA - For those with creative flair, students showcase their imagination from ideas through performance.

SOLO/DUO MUSICAL THEATRE - Learn how to tell a captivating story through song with vibrant characterisation and string acting technique.

GROUP MUSICAL THEATRE - Using the supportive environment, individuals will flourish as they explore acting and harmony or choral singing skills.

SHAKESPEARE - From speeches to sonnets, explore the work of William Shakespeare.

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